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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Explain Myers'functions of religion.


  1. Myers identified six functions of religion. My understanding of them is as follows:

    1. Psychological- Religion does not only fulfill man's psychological and social needs , but it also provides support and strength to deal with situations that they have no control over.
    2. Transcendental-Religion is a compass that points to a supernatural being that will provide us with security and guidance in a world that is constantly changing.
    3.Sacralization- This deals with the conduct of people in the society; their behaviours towards what is right and wrong.It also deals with actions that are forbidden in a religion.
    5.Identification- Religion povides identity for a group or an individual.
    6.Maturation- Religion provides room for growth or maturity. People become responsible for their actions and decisions.

  2. myers' functions of religion:
    Myers identified six functions of religion,this is my understanding in my own words:
    psychological - it fulfill man's psychological and social needs and provides support and strength
    transcendental - he says this is like your compass, how you direct your life.
    sacralization - this talks about how persons behave, what can or cannot be done, where is sacred
    prophetic - how religion is criticized
    identification - it provides identity and forms membership within the community
    maturation - this is how you feel about your faith.
    myers believe that if all five are not fulfilled you cannot reach maturation

  3. Myers' function of religion:
    Myers speaks of the six functions of religion, and this is my understanding.
    1. Psychological - Religion gives man support and consolation in times of trials.
    2. Transcendental - This gives man direction and a sense of security, knowing we can turn to a supreme being to bring order in chaniging states in our lives.
    3. Sacralization - This talks about what is sacred. What is right and wrong, what is forbidden.
    4. prophectic - This targets the things that should not be done, for example, though shall not steal.
    5. Identification - religion tells us who we are and we become apart of tradition. We are sure of ome type of future and is experiencing the present.
    6. Maturation - When we accept responsibility. Religion provides room for growth

  4. Irone Thompson-Davis 1PR2October 16, 2010 at 1:07 PM

    Myers six functions:
    1. Psychological in this view, is to bear the harness of life in situations that they have no control over. eg. Hurricane and Flood.

    2.Transcendetal have to do with changes, in otherword, in a world where things constantly changing, one have to look to a supreme being for e guidance and direction .eg father along will understand why.

    3. Sacralization- have to do with keeping people in control, and it also deals with what is right or wrong and what is forbidden in a religion.

  5. Irone Thompson-Davis 1PR2October 16, 2010 at 1:16 PM

    Myers functions cont.
    4. Prophetic have to do with things that should not be done. eg. thou shall not steal.

    5. Indetification speak about the idetity of a group or religion. eg. a church community Adventist, Methodist, etc.

    6. Maturization is when you accept responsibility for your actions and it does not matter who is right or wrong.

  6. stacyAnn Mcleod (1pr2)October 16, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    Myers six function of religion. This is my understanding:
    psychological this is where religion provides support, reconcilation, consulation and support for human beings
    Transcendental this is where religion provide us with direction and security in a world that is changing constantly
    Sacralization This is where religion santify society. It tells us what is right and what is wrong
    Prophetic this is where religion deals with the present and not the future. if you do something that is against the religion you can pay the penalty for it.
    Identification this is where religion tells us who we are. religion meets mans needs
    Maturation this is where religion helps us to accept responsibility for our actions whether good or bad

  7. Myers six function
    1 Psychological- religion provide us with a support system in desperate times
    2 Sacralization- this deals with the conduct of a society it teaches us what is right from wrong
    3 Trascendental- this provide us with direction and act as a guideline in a world that is always changing.
    4 Prophetic- this allow religion to criticize what is not to be done in a religion.
    5 Identification- religion tell us who we are, it gives human a sense of identity.
    6 Maturation- religion give us room for growth allow us to mature. it help to take responsibilities for our action.